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Episode 1
  • Tad Moore, Rob Ahlschwede, and Roger Hill: the origins of the Society of Hickory Golfers
Episode 2
  • John Henry Williams
  • Hickory golf club repair, restoration, and care of play clubs
Episode 3
  • John Capers III
  • GHS, Club archives and stewardship of historical treasures
Episode 4
  • Tim Alpaugh
  • Innovation, Creativity, and the Metropolitan Hickory Society
Episode 5
  • Kelly Leonard
  • Handcrafting Longnose
  • Play Clubs
Episode 6
  • Mike Stevens, Bill Geisler,
    and Rich Grula
  • Florida Hickory Golfers
Episode 7
  • Bill Engelson, Richard Schmidt,
    & Rob Pilewski
  • Carolina Hickory Golf Association
Episode 8
  • Jeffery Ellis
  • Patented, Rare, and Collectible Golf Clubs
Episode 9
  • Karl Nagy & Deal Hudson
  • The Old Course and a
    magical trip to Fife
Episode 10
  • David Brown
  • McIntyre Golf Ball Co. &
    Nebraska Hickory Golf Assc.