The following guests have been, or are scheduled to be, part of the Plus Four podcast.

Last NameFirst NameEpisodeSubject
AhlschwedeRob1SoHG Origins
AlpaughTim4Innovation, Creativity &
Metropolitan Hickory Society
BrownDave10McIntyre Golf Ball Co.
BruxmeierAnkeTBAFine Golf Books of St Andrews
Capers IIIJohn3GHS & Club Archives
EllisJeffery8The Clubmaker’s Art
EngelsonLang Willie7Carolina Hickory Golf Assc
GeislerBill6Florida Hickory Golfers
GrunwellPeterTBAFine Golf Books of St Andrews
GrulaRichard6Florida Hickory Golfers
HillRoger1SoHG Origins
HudsonDeal9The Old Course and Fife
LochheadAndrewTBAPrestwick & Its Archives
LoudonAlastairTBAGentry Links: 19th Century Lore
LeonardKelly5Handcrafting Longnose
Play Clubs
MooreTad1SoHG Origins
MorrissonMichaelTBAHistory of Golf in England
NagyKarl9The Old Course and Fife
PilewskiRob7Carolina Hickory Golf Assc
QuiriciPaoloTBASwiss Hickory Golf
SchmidtRichard7Carolina Hickory Golf Assc
StevensMike6Florida Hickory Golfers
WilliamsJohn Henry2Golf Club Restoration